Larry Reynolds' PRR Altoona Area

Current Model Railroad Pictures

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All Photographs copyright Bill Fagan 2015

Abandoned Cornwall Railroad

Alto Complex

Alto Home Signal East

Alto Interlocking

Altoona Car Shop

Altoona Yard Looking East

Altoona Yard West

Approach to Slope Interlocking

Ascent to Horseshoe Curve

Bell Interlocking

Dairy Complex Switcher

Dairy Complex West

Dairy Complex

Diesel Servicing

East Altoona

East Home Signals at Bell

Engine Facility Looking East

Forge Interlocking West

Helper Engine Servicing

Horseshoe Curve

Junk Yard

Light Industries

Local on H&P Branch

Mainline Splits at S. Altoona

Massive Bridge Over Yard

Paper Mill Spurs

Paper Mill

Pennsylvania Ltd at Station

Produce Terminal

Steam Servicing

Team Track and Coal Dump


Top of the Mountain

Tyrone Looking West

Tyrone Station

Tyrone Yard

West Staging 12 Tracks

Yard Signal at Forge