Steven Mallery's PRR Buffalo Line

CTC System

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CTC Machine
This is the dispatcher's CTC machine that it used to control
the model railroad.  It has two levels.  The black part on top
of each level contains a linear schematic of the railroad,
with LEDs to show occupancy.  The green part on the bottom of
each level contains the levers for all switches and signals controlled
by the dispatcher.

CTC machine

Repeater Boards

Repeater boards are located above interlockings "in the sky".
These simulate cab signals and allow crews to easily see signals.

Repeaters above layout

Drocton Repeater

Olean Repeater

Computer System
Dr. Bruce Chubb's C/MRI system is used to run the signals.
"SMINI" nodes are located around the layout.
A computer controls the system, processing input and output from the SMINI's.

SMINI node for Drift/Emporium

8 SMINI Nodes that interface
 with the CTC machine